We are a full service digital and social media creative agency, with a difference. And that difference is about meeting the challenges the current communications landscape presents. We make brands social and create content and ideas that get people talking.

With a permanently switched-on and connected consumer, we believe that advertising agencies need to change. New approaches are demanded in order to win in the age of conversations.

It’s why we've structured our agency like a social network. We have four co-founders who work with a broad collective of global specialists.

We aim to give you direct access to some of the best creative talent in the world through our collective model.

 We are more agile, inclusive and collaborative

We keep overheads down and offer you best-in-class specialists, specific to your requirements

We create world-class campaigns quickly

We work in an open and co-operative way. What’s more, our members have a history of developing effective, award-winning campaigns for local and global brands.

We are Conversation LAB.


Made up of the core team operating out of our two offices, in South Africa and UK:

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Kevin Power

Jonathan Oliff

Christian Anstice

Tamerin Borland

Megan Power
Gary Payn

Jonathan Lavender






Edward Spearman





A melting pot of highly skilled, globally experienced and internationally awarded creative people from various walks of life who bring a unique and refreshing perspective to problem solving. This is a close group of individuals hand-picked to deliver the needs of a constantly evolving communications environment. They have a proven track record of working with the leadership team ensuring thinking and ethos is aligned.

Luke Sherwin-White

Olivia Villet

Matt Kay

Danny Potter

Simon Villet

Evan Summers

Catherine Joubert

Russell Grant

John Royal

Richard Shorey

Adam Davison

Dale Toy


The digital space is fragmented with over 40 disciplines at last count. And it only appears to be getting more complex and involved.

Our larger counterparts attempt to employ departments that can cover all 40. It inevitably leads to a compromised offering.

Well, we don’t profess to have all those disciplines.

Still, all these disciplines are there for a reason and we wanted to harness the lot. Especially when our clients needed them.
So we talked to our friends in the UK and started to engage with wider networks. Now we’re fortunate, and proud, to be included in the Handmade Global Co-Operative.

Handmade Digital Global Co-Operative is a group of internationally renowned specialist digital agencies covering an extensive range of digital disciplines. Mobile and tablet applications, CRM integration cross platform (mobile, social, POS), ecommerce, deep data and analytics, search engine optimisation, digital eco-system design, game development right through to specialist film production.

It’s an exceedingly successful co-operative, so we are able to broaden our offering and deliver world-class solutions for all our clients’ needs, to the highest standards – seamlessly.

Hand Made Digital