Digital Media


According to Effective Measures of IAB South Africa, Digital Media now accounts for
10% of South Africa’s overall media spend – and is the fastest growing media channel.

When we refer to digital media we now refer to a range of different channels, namely
(but not limited to):

- Display Advertising on 3rd party sites (desktop and mobile)
- Google Adwords or PPC (Paid Search)
- Facebook Media
- Twitter Promoted Tweets
- Mobile Marketing (SMS/USSD)
- Digital Outdoor Display
- Affiliate Marketing
- Classified Ads and Paid for Directories
- And the list goes on...

Always on optimisation

At Conversation LAB we have a dedicated team of Digital Media planners and buyers who work tirelessly to ensure best results for every client campaign we run. Digital Media is always on and requires constant optimisation, testing and refinement. Effective, award winning digital media campaigns don’t just happen. It takes hard work.

Call or email Kevin Power, MD Conversation LAB to find out how we can help your business achieve best results.