We are an agency designed to get people saying good things about brands. We ruthlessly hunt for actionable insights amidst all the noise and turn them into contagious ideas. Ideas that people will adopt as their own, talk about, and pass on – creating social currency and growth for our clients.

We have developed a range of products that help us master conversations for our clients:

Igniting Conversations: We create big, contagious ideas for brands. Ideas that inspire customers to talk, get involved and share – giving the brand story a new burst of energy.

Listening to Conversations: Our Decode process allows us to listen and decode online conversations about your brand and develop key insights that inform overall brand strategy and product development. Decode covers the full range of conversation analysis from
 Key trends: what are the conversations about within your brand’s sector?
• Brand performance: how is your brand discussed and perceived?
• Competitor benchmarking: how do you compare to competitors?
• Key influencers: who is shaping the conversation?
• Tracking: how does your brand perform over time.

Influencing the Conversation : Our Outreach product involves a tried and tested formula in identifying and engaging with key influencers (bloggers/Twitterati/online journalists) in any market sector. In a recent Technorati poll, more than 40% stated that their views closely align with those of bloggers, while their trust in mainstream media continues to wane. We get the right people saying the right things about your brand.

Changing the Conversation :Your reputation online is your reputation offline. Diffuse will put in place key steps to help manage your reputation. We also advise on how to engage in social media and PR to deal with crisis situations that negatively impact your brand.

Managing the Conversation: Our Always-On Community Management product focuses on building and engaging communities on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This includes the set-up, strategy and engagement to ensure a thriving and growing community of advocates and promoters. Always-On constantly creates useful content that your customers are interested in.

Conversation Blitz: Our Urgent product has been developed through key strategic partnerships. It allows us to offer an immediate route to a hyper-targeted mass market. For clients who urgently need to get a message to a specific audience, be it a retail offer, product recall, defence tactic or crisis management for brands and Government bodies, our Urgent product is the perfect solution.


We are a full service digital agency with a broad set of capabilities. We are unlike other communications agencies. We are in the business of making , creating experiences and value.


Customer Experience (CX)

Website & Social Media Audit
Reputation Management


Strategy Development

Research & Insights
Integrated Brand & Communication Planning
Digital Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Content Strategy
Social Vision for Brands
Consumer Protection Act Expertise


Campaign Management

Campaign Design & Build
Content Creation: Blogs, Posts, Video, Press Releases
Fan Acquisition Activities
Co-creation Programmes
Websites, Mobisites
Tablet & Mobile Applications
Facebook Applications
Facebook & Web Integration
Email newsletters & CRM Programmes
Bulk SMS, USSD, Competition and Promotions


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM Strategy to Implementation
Social CRM
Database Management


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Paid Search (PPC)
Organic Search


Data Analytics & Insights

Industry Research & Analytics
Consumer Research & Analytics
Online Brand Presence Reporting
Social Media Monitoring & Reporting
Competitor Analysis Reports
Monthly Benchmarking & Trend Insights Reports
Weekly Reports
Daily Alerts Reports


Social Media

Community Management
Social Media Policy Development
Moderation & Escalation Process Development
Global Community Development & Management
Dynamic Social Content
Fan Activations
Influencer Outreach Programmes
Advocacy Programmes
Real Time Customer Service


Media Planning & Buying

Display Advertising
Facebook Advertising
Twitter Advertising
LinkedIn Advertising


User Experience (UX)

Usability Audits
Taxonomy/Site Maps
User Journeys
Usability Testing
Focus Groups & User Interviews