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Monday Killabite #70

The world of Social Media is buzzing with new developments, with Facebook at the forefront. So if you feel a little out of touch, don’t worry! We’ve got the latest on all things social in this edition of the Monday Killabite.

Facebook launches Lifestage app for school teens

“Facebook has launched a new social media app aimed at school teenagers. Members of Lifestage, currently only available on Apple devices in the US, upload pictures and videos based around feelings, likes and dislikes. These are then turned into video profiles.” Read more here.

Exclusive: Facebook Live is getting a cool new feature [Updated]

“According to a reliable source we spoke to this morning, Facebook is set to begin a phased rollout of a new feature that allows for two-person broadcasts on Live. Originally announced at VidCon back in June, we’re now told the feature should make its way to users on Monday. The initial rollout is said to be available to public figures using the Facebook Mentions app on iOS via a verified profile or Page. The feature will require both accounts to be verified and use the Mentions app on iOS to go live.” Read more here.

Twitter adds more user control with latest features

“Social networking site Twitter announced Saturday that it is adding two new settings, enabling users to customise their usage experience by controlling what they view in their feed and what they get notified about.” Read more here.

Instagram passes 1 billion Android installs

“Instagram has reached 1 billion app installs on the Google Play store, Android Police has noticed. This makes the photo sharing app the fourth Facebook-owned app to reach the milestone, after Facebook itself, WhatsApp and Messenger. The number does not accurately reflect the number of users, as it counts multiple app installs, but it’s still a nice milestone that only a handful of apps have managed to achieve.” Read more here.