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Virtual Reality – Monday Killabite #68

Posted on Nov 9 by

With gaming, smartphones, 3D videos and storytelling apps, we can now travel, shop and enter video games in a revolutionary way. Read more about how this virtual world is taking over our reality.  Lytro is revolutionizing the way we capture...


Animals rule the internet – Monday Killabite #67

Posted on Oct 19 by

It’s true. Animals, particularly cats, rule the internet. If you don’t believe us, check out some of social media’s most famous cats and best animals to follow on Instagram.¬† 10 Best Animals To Follow On Instagram Instagram was made...


All about Mars – Monday Killabite #66

Posted on Oct 12 by

The Red Planet has had many of us pondering the question, is there water on Mars? A recent study revealed that there is. It turns out the water may have originated from lakes and streams on the planet. Read...